Often referred to as the ‘talking cure,’ psychoanalysis is a therapeutic approach that emphasizes engaged dialogue as a means of working-through the ‘problems’ or ‘conflicts’ that cause us suffering in life.

Psychoanalysis offers a radically open and non-judgemental therapeutic environment, in which your unique experience as an individual is respected. Rather than trying to simply ‘manage’ symptoms, it seeks to explore the associations and affects that underlie them in order to generate insight into one’s experience and produce new ways of being in the world.

Operating in the intersection of the arts & the sciences psychoanalysis has the unique capacity to speak to the breadth of our experience as human beings who love, dream, suffer, and desire.

Analysis with me

I am psychoanalyst-in-training with the Centre for Lacanian Analysis Aotearoa. I conduct consultations both remotely (online) and in person in Pōneke (Wellington), Aotearoa New Zealand. I am able to work with people locally, nationally, and internationally.

I work with a Lacanian approach to psychoanalysis, that draws influence from other schools of psychoanalysis. I run a socially engaged practice, and work with people at a rate that is negotiated relative to their financial means and circumstances. I welcome people from all backgrounds, ethnicities, religious affiliations, genders, and sexualities.

Please contact me to organise a preliminary session.

Richard B. Keys
Psychoanalyst-in-training & writer
Doctor of Philosophy
Member of the Centre for Lacanian Analysis Aotearoa
& the International Forums of the Lacanian Field