The Preset, the Generic, and an Ambivalent Politics of Non-Production
Plates Journal, Issue: 02 Cipher 

“As cultural production has been increasingly subsumed into digital and networked platforms in recent decades, it has become over-coded by processes of automation and standardisation that remain largely opaque to the user. These complex algorithmic processes that underlie the graphical user interfaces that we (the non-technical user or end-user) interact with are simplified and made legible to us as “presets.” Thomas Smith is a Melbourne-based artist, electronic musician, and researcher whose work explores these processes and the increasingly uncanny position we find ourselves in as subjects enmeshed in ever-present networks of control. Employing his notion of the preset as a departure point I sat down with Smith to discuss his work and how it explores the broader socio-technological tensions at play within contemporary networked capitalism.” – Full text available here