The Danse Macabre: The Covid-19 Pandemic & The Allocation of Risk Under Capitalism

“By the terms of the field of existential risk studies, the pandemic is currently only a global catastrophic risk, one below a true existential risk on its scale of risk analysis. We will be faced by true existential risks in the future, without doubt. Various allusions have been drawn between the current pandemic and the unfolding ecological crisis — the biggest existential risk humanity has yet faced. As a resident of Eora Nation, Sydney, Australia, who lived through the 2019 – 2020 bushfire season, one of unprecedented scale in which our government was grossly negligent in its responsibilities to the public, the inability of our current political-economic structures to address such existential risks seems all too apparent. No sooner had the catastrophic bushfire season ended and the smoke cleared than the pandemic began to rear its head on the horizon — the masks we used to protect ourselves against toxic bushfire smoke would be repurposed to serve as protection from the virus.” – Full text available here